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Our family has a great time together. We are sharing some family time with you in hopes of showing you how God's love has made us a "real family". The love we share for each other is the same love the Lord shares with us. He does it perfect, of course....we just do our best!  We pray you can see His light shine in all of us and we hope to be "a city on the hill" for Him.

If you are looking to bring a loving puppy into your family for years of happiness and companionship, please contact us today at :


"New owners of puppies more often than not think they have the best puppies. But this morning we took our two (which we've had only 3 weeks) to our vet for booster shots and blood work in advance of neutering. "I've never seen puppies so well behaved! They kept still while I drew blood. They must have been handled and taken very good care of by the breeder. Please give me the breeder's name so I can refer them when I'm asked for a breeder reference.
High praise! Thank you, Ritter Family! ""

Marc and Diane Veeneman